Our Mission

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Readiness Solutions Group (RSG) was established to provide life-saving trauma and medical instruction to civilians, specialized military units, LEO and first responders. Our courses cover the most recent advances in evidence-based medicine. We instruct realistic, hands-on training scenarios in a clear, enjoyable and practical manner.  We provide accessible, high quality education and instruction to prepare you to properly administer the appropriate care in the event of a life-threatening emergency.

Who We Are

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Readiness Group Solutions instructors are highly qualified and have a level of expertise, knowledge and dedication not routinely found in standard first-aid/trauma courses. We have decades of experience working as critical care flight paramedics, firefighter-medics, SWAT/tactical-medicine practitioners, LEO/military personnel, and continue towork actively on the frontlines of emergency prehospital medicine.

RSG is led by Ryan Mueller. While still in high school, Ryan began EMS work as a volunteer first-responder for his hometown ambulance service in Rockport, MA. He now has over two decades of experience in pre-hospital emergency medicine including over ten years working as a critical care flight paramedic and educator for one of the countries’ premier air-medical programs, Boston Medflight. He continues to actively work and teach with one of the busiest, most advanced pre-hospital 911 advanced life support systems in the North East. In addition he is an adjunct instructor for an organization that trains military special operations combat medics in advanced trauma/medical care and management as well as prolonged field care required in austere environments. Ryan also leads the fitness and self-defense programs that RSG offers. His background in these areas include being co-founder and head coach at IronVillage Strength and Conditioning, a training facility located in Beverly MA as well as years spent training in various martial arts. He is a black belt in aikido and remains active training in both aikido as well as BJJ.